Year: 2021

Slipper tag that has a photo of pink and blue slippers, with the text, Any issues please connect us

Please Connect Us

After the series on morning meditations, I wasn’t sure where to go next. A while ago, someone asked if I would write about the different ways Trent lets me know he’s still around. This morning I was interviewed about that topic for the Mystic Takeaway podcast. I enjoyed the interview but after it was over, I realized …

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Photo of red clouds at sunset

Peace and Justice

Back in 1992, I worked at the University of Chicago Medical Center, in their training and organizational development department. One of the classes we offered was a diversity class. We co-facilitated that class, partnered by race and gender, so my co-facilitator was an African American man. The medical center was diverse but also highly stratified, …

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A tree carved on found whalebone, set in old wood


I was at the University of Minnesota, first as an undergrad, then as an employee and grad student, from the late 1970s through most of the 1980s. During that time (and still?), the University had a strong feminist contingent. One of the things they did was scratch out the word ‘women’ on most of the …

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mustard colored pillow that says home in white letters, on a pile of linens

I Open My Arms Wide

I open my arms wide to accept and appreciate an abundance of blessings, Blessings I’ve imagined and blessings beyond my fondest dreams,* Blessings from the top of my head, all through and around me, to the soles of my feet, Blessings so that I might be a blessing to others. This is another part of …

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A concrete pillar under an overpass, glowing golden in the early morning sun

So Be It

So be it. So be it. So be it. So be it. So be it. Before I say those words, I lift my hands from my knees, bring them out to my sides, then reach my arms high to bring my palms together over my head, then bring them down in prayer position and rest …

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Black shee with eyes that look like brown buttons, standing in falling snow

I am All These Things

“I am all these things so that I can fulfill my divine life intentions: To be a creative maker, A good friend and partner, With an abundance of health and wealth in all its forms…” I believe we come to this planet for a reason, that we have some sort of intention before we show …

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Closeup of a bed pillow

I am Gritty

As I’ve been doing these posts on my morning meditations, I’ve made some changes. Changing ‘persevering’ to ‘gritty’ was one of them. Before ‘persevering’ the word was ‘persistent,’ but that one felt incomplete, as if I was rolling a rock uphill. I wasn’t all that happy with ‘persevering’ either, because it felt like walking through …

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