I Open My Arms Wide

I open my arms wide
to accept and appreciate
an abundance of blessings,
Blessings I’ve imagined
and blessings beyond my fondest dreams,*
Blessings from the top of my head,
all through and around me,
to the soles of my feet,
Blessings so that I might be
a blessing to others.

This is another part of the meditation with hand gestures, bringing my arms out to the sides at the first line and leaving them there until they move up with ‘the top of my head’, palms overhead and facing downward.

At ‘all through and around me’ I bring my hands back down to my waist, with my left palm facing me and my right facing out, my hands back-to-back, until both palms face down to ‘the soles of my feet.’

With the last line, they come to rest, palms up, on my knees.

It’s Saturday night. I didn’t work on this post on Thursday or Friday or even earlier today. On Friday I ate a lot of chocolate, starting with bars and ending with a trip to the ice cream store to get a pint of Graeter’s mocha chip. I also watched six episodes of Billions, three before the ice cream and three after.

What I am trying to say is that even though I’m writing about meditation, I’m just a person who messes up, like everyone else.

These are the days when it’s hard to look in the mirror and say, “I love you.”

These are the days when it’s essential.

*This line from Louise Hay.


Chewing the Cud of Good

mustard colored pillow that says home in white letters, on a pile of linens

Thankful that after the water leak of last December, the insurance is settled, the carpenters are gone, the painters are gone, and my home feels like home again.

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