Enjoy. Tend. Ass. Heart.

…so that I may enjoy my life and home,

tend to my field,

and put my ass

where my heart wants to be.

It may seem odd or selfish to start with enjoyment, but I spent so many years trying to earn worth, working to prove my life mattered, that starting with enjoyment is the right place for me to start. You know the right place for you.

And by ‘enjoyment,’ I don’t mean lying around streaming Netflix with a bowl of ice cream in my lap. That’s not enjoyment. That’s lassitude.

I enjoy my life when I work at things I enjoy working on, when I move and breathe and love and laugh, when I make things.

My home is important to me. As my friend Elaine once said to me, “You’ve spent your whole life trying to make a nest for yourself.”

My theory is that if you grow up in a home that doesn’t feel safe, you tend to go one of two ways: you either put extra effort into creating a home that feels good (which is what I do), or you flee the idea of home and take refuge in the outdoors or in a barn (which is what Trent did).

Tending to my field is simply taking care of the things that are my responsibility to care for. My body, my friendships, my home, my podcast, this blog. I used to schedule ‘cleaning’ in my calendar, but now I label it, ‘tending my home.’

As for thoughts about putting my ass where my heart wants to be, I’ll leave that to the original source, Steven Pressfield.

Chewing the Cud of Good

Closeup of snow on the ground, next to an evergreen, a large swath of white meeting one of green

Thankful for Zoom, because as tired of it as I am, if I think about what it would be like to have lived last year and this one without it, that’s a level of disconnection and detachment I don’t want. So, yes, I’m thankful for Zoom.

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