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After the series on morning meditations, I wasn’t sure where to go next.

A while ago, someone asked if I would write about the different ways Trent lets me know he’s still around. This morning I was interviewed about that topic for the Mystic Takeaway podcast.

I enjoyed the interview but after it was over, I realized that the conversation was enough, that I didn’t feel like writing about Trent and unusual events. 

When the episode is published, I’ll link to it here so you can listen if you’re interested. That seems like enough for now.

With last week’s post on Peace and Justice, I realized I wanted to tell more stories from my life, moments where I did something right, or something good, instead of all the moments where I messed up. Those icky ones are the moments that resurface more often, and the inner critic points her finger at me and speaks harsh words in a snarky voice.

I used to think these stories were untold because I didn’t have children to tell them to. Now I realize that even if I had kids, the stories would still be untold. Kids aren’t interested in their parents’ stories, they’re busy making their own.

Maybe these stories will be interesting or helpful. If not, let me know and I’ll move on to another topic.

In the meantime, here’s something that caught my eye…

A few weeks ago, my post had a typo in it. I dislike typos. But the next day a pair of slippers arrived, and their tag made me feel much better:

Slipper tag that says: FOR THE COMFRTABLE Plesae Wearing the slipppers only briefly at first and gradually increasing the wearing time. it is need used time We used the best fur, If you feel this slippers is slip, you can wear it wth sock, after wash this slipper this problem will be solve.

The flipside of the tag said this:

Slipper tag that has a photo of pink and blue slippers, with the text, Any issues please connect us

In a sea of typos and poor English grammar, here was wisdom.

 ‘Any issues please connect us.’

The message aligns with something Trent said, “As long as we keep loving each other and telling each other the truth, we’ll be alright.”

This is my request of you. With these upcoming posts, if and when you think I’ve gone astray or self-indulgent, if there are any issues, please connect us, and kindly tell me your truth.

Thank you.

Chewing the Cud of Good

Abstract image of white and pink

Thankful for the path I walk in the morning—a paved railroad track—and the place where the earth rises to a planted berm on both sides, maybe six feet high on one side and ten feet on the other. Right now the daffodils and hyacinths are in bloom, as are the magnolias and the viburnum. The damp cool air of the morning holds their fragrance within the berm and I get to walk through a lovely fragrant cloud.

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