Jule: A fifteen-year-old considers suicide

Hard Times & Hope podcast, episode 11.

Yep, this week the ‘guest’ is me! Taking a turn in the guest chair seemed like the right thing to do, so I did.

I’ve been public about the hard time of Trent’s passing, but this one, my first really hard time, I’ve mostly kept private. I was ashamed about this part of my history but not anymore. Thoughts of suicide are common—too common—and I hope talking about them will help someone, even if that someone is only me.

Trigger warning: this episode contains references to contemplated suicide.

Episode Notes

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Episode transcript

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2 thoughts on “Jule: A fifteen-year-old considers suicide”

  1. “I like that the trees were so creative… With different kinds of leaves… My favorite ones were shaped like mittens.“
    So beautiful.
    Trees like the music, the gospel music you heard that brought you to the light, have spirit and presence and can heal us as much as music. It’s so beautiful that you found both on your journey, embraced them and they brought you in, welcomed you in their arms, brought you back to earth.
    A beautiful episode, so much courage to share this part of your life/heart/spirit.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Didi for your beautiful message! I hadn’t thought about trees being like music or taking me into their arms… now you’ve got me thinking!

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