Year: 2021

Two Days Before Thanksgiving

Audio: Two Days Before Thanksgiving When I first heard this story from my father, the news came during the Thanksgiving meal. But according to his grandfather’s journal, the news came two days before, on Tuesday. My great-grandfather was Emil (pronounced EM-ee-ill) Folda. At this Thanksgiving, he was 52 years old, married to his second wife …

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Red and white berries on a green plant against a gray stone wall

The Sins of the Parents

Audio: The Sins of the Parents Back when I was in the fundamentalist Christian church, I read the Bible a lot. It was a status symbol to have a bible showing signs of wear from heavy reading. Covers that fell off were replaced with a slab of thick leather. Center pages darker than the rest …

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Plaque in the park regarding 'the Indian threat'

The ‘Indian Threat’?

Audio: The ‘Indian Threat’? Because Thanksgiving was last week, and because my Diversity & Inclusion class is coming to a close, there is something on my mind. Thanksgiving? Or Takesgiving? It depends on your perspective. It depends on the story you tell yourself. If you tell yourself that Manifest Destiny is your divine right, that …

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purple vine on a cement wall

Death Benefits

Audio: Death Benefits I set up my will so that none of the beneficiaries benefit if any of them die first. The dead person’s share doesn’t go back into the pool to be shared by those remaining. It goes to a not-for-profit. Even though I’m not talking about vast sums of money, setting it up …

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closeup of tree bark with a climbing vine

You Stole From Me!

Audio: You Stole From Me! “You stole from me!” I would recognize that voice and the anger if I were drugged, or asleep, or ninety-one years old. My father had called, and those were his first words. Had he meant to call someone else? “Dad?” “Don’t pretend you don’t know. You stole my money.” A …

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blue sky and dry grasses

Money is Here Now

Audio: Money is Here Now The day after I wrote last week’s post, I thought I would start going back in time, to the 1800s, to my great-grandfather. But then my brother and I talked. I had texted my brother asking how involved he wanted to be in care decisions about Mom. We traded texts …

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Close up of a prickly seed head

Money Feelings

Audio: Money Feelings I want to write about my relationship with money because writing helps me think. I want to understand this thing we have. I want peace with money. Yesterday, in the synchronous way the world continues to surprise me, someone asked, “Do you feel you can earn money but can’t keep it? Does …

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