Year: 2021

abstract sky and wall of building

I am Brave

Brave isn’t necessarily Joan of Arc mighty on her white horse, sword held high. My definition of brave is more mundane: brave is saying or doing whatever needs to be said or done, despite any feelings of fear. Brave doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid. Brave means you act anyway. I was brave at fifteen when …

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Button from the Mondale-Ferraro campaign

1984. 2008. 2020.

In 1984, when my mom was 54, she had her first opportunity to vote for a woman Vice President on a major party ticket. I don’t know if Mom voted for the Democratic ticket of Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro, but I did. I was one of the few (and yes, I lived in Minnesota …

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A close-up of Leda's fur, white and black

Loving Leda Loving Me

This seems like a good day to talk about love. Usually, when we speak of love, we’re talking about person-to-person love, but there is also person-to-animal love. The most unconditional love is the love dogs have for their humans. When I took Leda home from Greyhounds Only, she was damaged. Most of her tail had …

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Two orange tulips, one supporting the other

Caste in America

It is Thursday morning as I write this. That’s the schedule: write Thursday morning, edit Friday morning, take a last look review Saturday morning. Today I am supposed to write the post for ‘I am Brave.’ But that is not what is on my mind. Or on my heart. Today I’m thinking about what happened …

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Willow branches formed to make a shelter

I am Intelligent

I should be able to believe that I’m intelligent because, as an adult, people have told me this, often. But my self-perception was formed in those comparative junior high and high school years, shaped by proximity. Facts: There were 1200 students in my freshman year high school class, 880 of us who managed to graduate. …

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