So Be It

So be it.

So be it.

So be it.

So be it.

So be it.

Before I say those words, I lift my hands from my knees, bring them out to my sides, then reach my arms high to bring my palms together over my head, then bring them down in prayer position and rest them on my heart.

With the first ‘So be it,’ I press my thumbs together. With the second, I press my index fingers, and so on until I end with my pinkies.

This seems like a good time to mention that there are certain places during the meditation where I do Kegels, and this is one of those places. I also do them during the whole ‘I am gritty’ to ‘I am holy’ sequence.

I used to wonder if all these words and all this activity was a ‘less pure’ form of meditation than simply letting my mind come to rest on my breath.

Eventually, I decided that this way works better for me and if it was less holy, well then, so be it. But recently I heard a teacher on one of Insight Timer’s live sessions say that there are five soul archetypes, and the type of meditation that works for one may not work for another.

I don’t know if there are five or four soul archetypes or any soul archetypes at all. But I did take the idea that different types of meditation work better for different types of people. I took permission to continue doing what works.

If you’re curious to know more, the teacher is Dakota Earth Cloud Walker. Since I had an aunt who renamed herself ‘Earth Tree,’ I’m sort of used to names like that. There is a Soul Archetype Quiz on her website that I took with a ‘what the heck’ attitude. The results were more fitting than I expected, especially the ‘shadow side’ results.

When I do the ‘so be it’ part of the meditation, a question I sometimes ask myself is, “Is this what you truly want?”

And the next question is, “Am I living in alignment with what I truly want?”

Chewing the Cud of Good

A concrete pillar under an overpass, glowing golden in the early morning sun

Thankful that there is beauty everywhere, even under an overpass.

A section of freeway overpasses and ramps, with one pillar glowing golden in the early morning sun

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