I am All These Things

“I am all these things so that I can fulfill my divine life intentions:

To be a creative maker,

A good friend and partner,

With an abundance of health and wealth in all its forms…”

I believe we come to this planet for a reason, that we have some sort of intention before we show up.

I’m also considering the idea that we choose our parents but that’s a topic for another post.

Once Trent said to me, “I haven’t been sure about hardly anything in my life, but I’m sure about you.”

I feel that way about my need to create, to make something, to hold it and say to myself, “I made this.” And sometimes to give it to someone else and say, “I made this for you.”

I like to make things. I need to make blog posts and podcasts and paintings to hang on my wall. I need to express my own ideas, my own stories.

I believe that if we do not do what we came here to do, we can make ourselves sick.

I’ve shared previously in these posts about my thyroid cancer, and how I’ve mulled the connection to the time my father tried to choke me.

But I haven’t shared the part that holds some shame—mulling all the times I choked myself, silenced my own voice, put my own hands around my own neck. Put rocks in my throat. (That is what the nodules in my thyroid had inside them—little rocks.)

I need to create, and I need to be the kind of friend a friend would want to have, and I need to be wealthy enough to do those things well.

Maria Nemeth, in The Energy of Money, talks about six forms of wealth: money, time, physical vitality, enjoyment, creativity, and the support of friends.

I think there are even more forms of wealth, such as skills, because if I have skills, I can trade them for another form of wealth. Or gratitude, because if I am wealthy in gratitude, I feel wealthy about everything else. But it’s Nemeth’s book. Her ideas. Her voice.

As for me, I like to make things.

I like being a good friend.

I like knowing who I am.

Chewing the Cud of Good

Black shee with eyes that look like brown buttons, standing in falling snow

© Nikola ‘Johnny’ Mirkovic, via Unsplash

Thankful that when I walk in the park in the mornings and the park workers in their park carts drive by, we wave at each other. Also thankful for these black sheep with their button eyes, who greet me with a smile every time I sit down at my computer.

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