Wood sculpture of a gold house on a crooked ladder

Creativity and a Controlled Study

Mike and I decided his engineers needed to know the rationale behind the organization’s structural change, and to apply that knowledge to handling building issues as they arose. The engineers …

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Close up of a Greek salad, shiny with olive oil and colorful with red and orange peppers, white feta cheese, green cucumbers, dark green olives, and purple onions

“You’re HR. You don’t belong here.”

We’re back to winding down the series of things I’m proud of. With this one, I’m more proud of the other person than I am of myself, but I held …

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close up of purple leaves on a bush, backlit by sunlight, making some of the leaves bright read

Base Salary

Writing about my $26,000 salary triggered a memory. Or maybe I’m still not over it. At Andersen, we sat in cubicles, in pairs. It was an odd arrangement because it …

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