The remains of a chocolate cake with pink icing with red roses on a grey dish and linen tablecloth

Itching To Get Out

The pandemic gave us opportunities to travel inward. More time in our homes. More time exploring our interior landscape. We’ve had more than enough of that. I was scratching the …

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Photo of the marketing card for Laura Trujillo

Stepping Back from the Ledge

Last night, Laura Trujillo, author of Stepping Back from the Ledge, spoke at the Mercantile Library for their annual memoir lecture. This reflection references suicide. If you or someone you …

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A canoe with and orange interior and golden oars, from the Bill Reid art museum

Allowing Good

I’ve been working on a novel, dinking around with it for a couple of years, then seriously since 2019. It’s had three significant overhauls on the way to a completed …

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