White orchid bloom

Woo-Woo #1

There were a couple of odd things that happened during the refresh of Sweet Baby Lover. I wondered if Trent may have been involved, or if it was just my …

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A tower made of mica panels, one of which is sparkling in the sunlight

More Work, But Worth It

I know where I want to go next with these reflections, but I’m not ready to go there yet. My heart is still racing from the struggle and thrill of …

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Jule Kucera taking a selfie in a mirror that has a note taped to it: Poppyseed House is a real publisher. Jule Kucera is a real author.

Changing My Definition of Self

It’s been almost exactly four years since I left my corporate career. March 4th, 2019,  was the first Monday I wasn’t supposed to be somewhere. Oddly, it’s easier for me …

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