Do you love to learn? Me too!

I love exploring nature, faraway places, and other people’s stories—especially those held close to the heart.

Staying up late when I was supposed to be sleeping…reading under the covers or listening to the radio…made me want to be part of that storytelling universe. But first, I needed to get out into the world and pay the rent.

After a successful thirty-year run at several Fortune 150 companies, starting as an instructional designer and ending as a chief diversity and corporate social responsibility officer, I’ve turned the page on that career and begun a new chapter.

Our stories matter. 

Stories help us safely see and virtually test various ways to navigate life.

Stories make us smarter.

Three words to describe me: Persevering. Freckled. Adaptable—which can be a weakness but our weaknesses are our strengths taken to extreme or used inappropriately.

Pizza: thin or thick? Thin! With mushrooms!

Chocolate: milk or dark? Dark. But not often, because I don’t have a rational relationship with chocolate.

Heroes: Abraham Lincoln. Stacey Abrams. Maya Lin. Eleanor Roosevelt. Kiese Laymon. Elaine.

5 Favorite books?

Fiction: Beloved. The Book Thief. All the Light We Cannot See. Their Eyes Were Watching God. Project Hail Mary.

Non-fiction: A Pattern Language. Designing Your Life. Heavy. Turning Pro. Caste.  

I’m also partial to Sweet Baby Lover, the memoir I wrote. A few of the book’s reviews are below,  and I’m happy to talk with bookclubs about it.

Press kit?  Sure! Includes my bio (short, medium, or long) and headshots, here.

Donations? For 2021, links on this site contribute to the Equal Justice Initiative through the AmazonSmile program.

Book Reviews

“I read this book at one sitting and thought about it for days. This is an incredibly brave and honest book about two very special yet different people, and how honesty and commitment both to their own truth and to each other, brought them together and created an epic love story.”


“I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants an inside view of the life-changing experiences of one woman, how she finds her way to herself and figures out what she truly values. An amazing and surprising story.”


“The writing of Jule Kucera is authentic and intimate, pulling me in with her observations of both the mundane and the extraordinary, the painful and the joyous. She is perceptive, reflective and forgiving, choosing words that that force me to think a little harder about life.”


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