Do you love books? Me too!

When I was little, the elderly neighbors who were babysitting me called my parents in a panic. “We can’t find her!” they said.

My mother assured them. “She’s not missing. She’s somewhere reading a book.”

The babysitters found me in an upstairs bedroom, wedged between a bed and a wall, reading by the falling light from the window above.  

Books were my refuge and my window to other worlds. Books made me want to be a writer.

Three words to describe me: Persevering. Freckled. Adaptable—which can be a weakness but our weaknesses are our strengths taken to extreme or used inappropriately.

Pizza: thin or thick? Thin! With mushrooms!

Chocolate: milk or dark? Dark. But not often, because I don’t have a rational relationship with chocolate.

Heroes: Eleanor Roosevelt. Abraham Lincoln. Martin Luther King, Jr. Thich Nhat Hanh. My grandma. Elaine.

5 Favorite books?

Fiction: The Poisonwood Bible. Beloved. The Book Thief. All the Light We Cannot See. L.A. Requiem.

Non-fiction: A Pattern Language. You Can Heal Your Life.  Linchpin. Heavy. Turning Pro. 

I’m also partial to Sweet Baby Lover, the memoir I wrote. A few of the book’s reviews are toward the bottom of this page, and I’m happy to talk with bookclubs about it.

Last words: Thanks for reading this far, I appreciate it. I am impressed with your fortitude. Now our relationship feels lopsided. What are some of your favorite books? Who are your heroes? If you’re so inclined, send me a note about about what makes your heart beat a little faster, what makes you smile on a Saturday morning, and do you prefer plain or banana pancakes?

Book Reviews

“I read this book at one sitting and thought about it for days. This is an incredibly brave and honest book about two very special yet different people, and how honesty and commitment both to their own truth and to each other, brought them together and created an epic love story.”


“The writing of Jule Kucera is authentic and intimate, pulling me in with her observations of both the mundane and the extraordinary, the painful and the joyous. She is perceptive, reflective and forgiving, choosing words that that force me to think a little harder about life.”


“Jule’s writing is a bounty of passion for life tempered by practical wisdom for living, loving, and overcoming tragedy.  As Jule searches for the things that bind us together she takes us in tow for an instructive and delightful ride.”


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