Death Benefits

Audio: Death Benefits

I set up my will so that none of the beneficiaries benefit if any of them die first. The dead person’s share doesn’t go back into the pool to be shared by those remaining. It goes to a not-for-profit.

Even though I’m not talking about vast sums of money, setting it up this way was important to me. No benefit, no temptation.

My mother’s will is not that way. If my brother dies first, the portion intended for him passes to his son. If I die first, the portion intended for me passes to my brother.

My brother benefits financially if I die first.

I don’t believe my brother would hurt me, but I wish the temptation wasn’t there.

That’s something money can do.

Raise suspicion.

Chewing the Cud of Good

Thankful that unexpected changes bring unexpected gifts.

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