How’s it goin’ with that yoga?

You already know I met my goal to do yoga every day in January.

(Blue days = Yoga days)

Jan 2024 calendar, with yoga done every day.

So what happened in February? How’s March going?

Here’s February:

Feb 2024 calendar, with yoga inconsistently done until 2/17.

February 6-11, I was in Colorado, and didn’t plan to do yoga. I missed on the 12th, was back at it on the 13th, and then nothing the 14th through the 16th.

So what happened on the 17th that made me get back to yoga consistently?

Answer: It didn’t happen on the 17th, it happened on the 16th.

On Friday, February 16th, my new-old friend Katie and I had our monthly call. I confessed I had fallen off the yoga wagon and was sitting deep in the mud.

Katie offered to be my accountability buddy and the next day, I got up out of the mud.

Every Saturday, I send Katie an email to let her know how I did. My notes are brief, often nothing more than “7/7.”

How’s March going?

March 2024 calendar, with yoga done every day so far except 3/15.

I missed on 3/15, but I don’t mind. I’d switched from morning sun salutations to evening restorative yoga. On Friday the 15th, I went out to dinner with friends and had such a good time I forgot all about yoga.

As for this week, I fully expect to send Katie a “7/7” email later tonight.

Moral of the story: If there’s something important for me to do, and no one will ever know if I do it or not, I need to find an accountability buddy. It is unlikely my good intentions will be sufficient for the long haul.

Thank you, accountability buddy Katie!

Chewing the Cud of Good

Close up of pink hydrangea petals with green leaves.

Thankful for the bright sun that warms me on cold days.



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