two bright white clouds on a dark blue sky

I am Creative

For this next part of the meditation, I shift to the sixth chakra, at the middle of the forehead and just above the eyebrows—or third eye—symbolized by the color indigo.   For a time in my life, considering myself creative …

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sunrise behind some trees and clouds

I am Holy

This part of the meditation is uncomfortable for me to write. I fear judgment, and maybe worst of all, my own.   This next sequence of words, from ‘I am holy’ to ‘I am persevering,’ is mostly aligned with the …

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heart-shaped yellow leaf on brown mulch

One Small Change

I’ve had trouble focusing this week. It’s probably because of the US Presidential election, which, as I write this on Thursday afternoon, does not yet have a winner and, with recounts and lawsuits, may not for some time. It’s probably …

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Oakleaf hydrangea green and red leaves against a cement wall background, like abstract art


I’ve been hesitant to start the series on Morning Routine. Here’s why: my morning routine has been shaky of late.   After morning after morning of consistency, in the last two months, I’ve fallen off. I’ll do one part or …

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