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I am Authentic

Now we travel down to the fifth chakra, at the center of the neck, symbolized by the color blue. This is where it all started, this meditation stuff, back in the fall of 2018, when I realized I was not being authentic. My job, a job I was transferred into, didn’t feel right anymore. But …

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two bright white clouds on a dark blue sky

I am Creative

For this next part of the meditation, I shift to the sixth chakra, at the middle of the forehead and just above the eyebrows—or third eye—symbolized by the color indigo.   For a time in my life, considering myself creative was almost as difficult as considering myself holy.   But there was a time when …

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sunrise behind some trees and clouds

I am Holy

This part of the meditation is uncomfortable for me to write. I fear judgment, and maybe worst of all, my own.   This next sequence of words, from ‘I am holy’ to ‘I am persevering,’ is mostly aligned with the chakras. I start at the top, the seventh chakra, at the crown of the head …

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Two seed pods, one from a wisteria and one from a honey locust tree

Meditation Words

The third part of my morning meditation is sitting meditation. I’ve learned that if I try to simply focus on my breath, my mind takes a hike.  So I say words to myself, in my mind. NOTE: As I worked my way through this meditation, I revised it. The updated text is here.  .   …

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Little purple florets on green and white striped skinny leaves

The Alarm Goes Off

The alarm goes off. I tap ‘snooze’ but I don’t snooze. I wiggle my toes, sometimes singing the ‘Wake Up Toes’ song. I wiggle my fingers. I rub my feet, then my legs, then my arms, my chest, my scalp, my face. It’s sort of like taking a shower but in bed and without water. …

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heart-shaped yellow leaf on brown mulch

One Small Change

I’ve had trouble focusing this week. It’s probably because of the US Presidential election, which, as I write this on Thursday afternoon, does not yet have a winner and, with recounts and lawsuits, may not for some time. It’s probably because of the result of Leda’s ultrasound, which explained the reason for her belly expanding …

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Oakleaf hydrangea green and red leaves against a cement wall background, like abstract art


I’ve been hesitant to start the series on Morning Routine. Here’s why: my morning routine has been shaky of late.   After morning after morning of consistency, in the last two months, I’ve fallen off. I’ll do one part or none of my morning meditation, instead of all three parts.   The source of the …

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