Author name: Jule Kucera

Light blue stuffed 'person' with arms raised overhead and a contented smile

Coming Clean

I never want to pretend to you to be something I’m not. Last year, during my great GOADS (Get Out And Do Stuff) experiment, I made big plans. I would African dance every Saturday morning! Contra dance every other Monday …

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Jule Kucera holding an iPad showing Sweet Baby Lover, plus the large print book and paperback book, and wearing headphones

Woo-Woo #2

The other odd thing happened while recording Sweet Baby Lover, my memoir. Recording the audiobook was more challenging than polishing the text. For the text refinements, I read the words from a distance. For the audiobook, I went back there. …

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White orchid bloom

Woo-Woo #1

There were a couple of odd things that happened during the refresh of Sweet Baby Lover. I wondered if Trent may have been involved, or if it was just my wishful thinking. The first happened with the paperback version of …

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