Jule Kucera

Close up of a small, spent plant standing in swamp water

The Swamp

The Swamp calls the shots. The Swamp works on its own time, not ours, and in its own way, not ours. How long we spend in The Swamp is usually determined by how willing we are to honor The Swamp. …

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Ohio Historical Marker titled, 'The Black Brigade of Cincinnati'

The Black Brigade

According to the description, ‘Judge William Martin Dickson, who favored enlisting black soldiers in the Union Army, assumed command of the brigade, composed of 1,000 African American volunteers determined to fight to end slavery. From September 2-20, they cleared forests …

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Ohio Historical Marker titled, "The Irish in Cincinnati"

Bias in Brass

Does Cincinnati have higher regard for its German or Irish immigrants? Well, let’s check the signs. All you need to do is read the titles: You see—and maybe feel—the difference, yes? But the really important sign is this one: This …

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Light reflecting off water

Your True Self

Your True Self Isn’t so much someone you find As someone you allow yourself to be. You give permission. You create space. You let go of excuses and denial. You put your toe in the water. And if you like …

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Shadow of a greyhound on green grass

Test Drive

“Life is to be lived. If you have to support yourself, you had bloody well better find some way that is going to be interesting. And you don’t do that by sitting around wondering about yourself.” Katherine Hepburn Once upon …

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Photo taken from within a wet, gray stone cave, with light shining from the opening above and falling on the stone steps that lead the way out

The Mirror

. I lift my head, look up, and say, “They’re not listening!” And then I ask, “How well am I listening? . “They don’t understand!” How hard am I working to understand? . “They’re funding the wrong things!” What am …

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