Author name: Jule Kucera

green leaves backlit by sun, so close up it is abstract

I Believe

A few weeks ago, I was in a webinar with Jane Friedman and Dan Blank related to book marketing. Blank said that when someone asks you what your book is about, don’t launch into a description of the plot or characters. Instead, talk about what it’s About. When we write, we write from our beliefs, …

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multiple trunks of one tree


Some parts of a journey are downhill, with a light breeze at our backs. Some are uphill, over a rocky path and with the sun beating down on our sweltering heads, the empty rattle of the canteen reminding us that we should have packed more water. I’m being overly dramatic. I’m not on a life-threatening …

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Box label showing Prince Tarkten, shipped from China

About Prince Tarkten

As you know, Prince Tarkten has been in China, getting printed. It was to arrive via boat and then truck in mid- to late-September. The nine Prince Tarkten boxes were delivered just before I left on vacation. But. But I haven’t told you about it because there is a problem. The layout is off. The …

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Exterior of the container cabin

Container Cabin

The cabin is an airbnb in West Saugerties, New York. It is made from an 8’ x 40’ corrugated metal shipping container, perforated with oversized windows. I stayed there for two nights because I wanted to find out if a shipping container cabin would be right for me on my land in Kentucky. Short answer: …

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Close up of a blue dot of light between orchid petals

Indecision with Stuff

There is too much undone stuff, not just the big stuff, like figuring out how to manage the physical distribution of Price Tarkten or recording the audio version of Sweet Baby Lover. There is too much stuff in the bottom drawer of the dresser by the front door. It used to be an electronics drawer. …

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Painting of a farmhouse nestled in a valley

The Place of Not Knowing

We are in this place again, the place where a theme has wrapped up—in this case, GOADS—and I don’t know what to write about next. Here’s what I know: you will be patient with me because you have been patient with me before. Every time I’ve asked what you’d like me to write about, the …

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Trent's and Jule's hand with titanium wedding rings

Jenna’s Getting Married

My accountability buddy (Adam, in Israel!) recommended the Huberman Lab podcast. Because another friend (Laurie, a Ph.D. psychologist!) had just lost her beloved dog, I listened to an episode about grief. I also wanted to understand my own history with grief. Andrew Huberman, Ph.D., is a tenured Professor in the Department of Neurobiology at the …

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Jule, in sunglasses, in her car

A Little Woo-Woo

Woo One Because The Body Keeps the Score mentioned chanting, I thought I would try chanting. Not in public, because I wasn’t ready to go that far. Instead, I used this meditation on the InsightTimer app. As I listened the first time, I thought the man’s voice sounded robotic and wondered if he was Artificial …

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