Author name: Jule Kucera


The drumming room is bright but softer, less of a rectangle, more of a square. Metal chairs with blue or yellow hard plastic seats are arranged in a circle. Most of the seats are taken. Each seat has a tall …

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Before Drumming

Saturday! Time to go drumming! When I last looked at the Bi-Okoto Cultural Center website, the Saturday drumming class was at ten o’clock. Because I am almost always early for everything, especially when I am nervous, I get there at …

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A canoe with and orange interior and golden oars, from the Bill Reid art museum

Allowing Good

I’ve been working on a novel, dinking around with it for a couple of years, then seriously since 2019. It’s had three significant overhauls on the way to a completed first draft. The story is about a lawyer, and I …

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