A box turtle in grass, from the front

Taking a Break

It turns out that it takes time to be a receptive lake, to soak in those nutrients. While it was good to see my mom—and her friends—it wasn’t restful. I’m …

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A lake in New Zealand, aquamarine blue, with whitecaps on the water, surrounded by mountains

Restoring Myself

Stephen Covey, in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, describes Habit 7 as “Sharpen the Saw.” I’ve been doing a lot of sawing, a lot of producing. Getting Sweet …

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Light blue stuffed 'person' with arms raised overhead and a contented smile

Coming Clean

I never want to pretend to you to be something I’m not. Last year, during my great GOADS (Get Out And Do Stuff) experiment, I made big plans. I would …

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