an orange sea anchor in the water, with a small black float behind it

Navigating Transitions

I’m renaming this new series. Instead of ‘Managing Transitions,’ I want to call it ‘Navigating Transitions.’ ‘Navigating’ is a more accurate label for the behavior required. ‘Managing’ implies that the …

A yellow composition notebook on a table, with a cup of pens next to it

Transition to Transitions

I write these blog posts in a yellow composition notebook, then type them up. Last Saturday I ran out of pages. Before I start a new notebook—this next one is …

Ohio Historical Marker titled, 'The Black Brigade of Cincinnati'

The Black Brigade

According to the description, ‘Judge William Martin Dickson, who favored enlisting black soldiers in the Union Army, assumed command of the brigade, composed of 1,000 African American volunteers determined to …

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