closeup of a pink peony

Working Out Mental Kinks With The Work

“Who would I be without this story, which I cannot possibly know to be true?” Byron Katie Byron Katie, who goes by Katie, is the creator of The Work, a …

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Aftab Pureval interviewing Aaron Sorkin for the Niehoff Lecture at the Hyatt Hotel

Lessons From Aaron Sorkin

Last Saturday night I went to the Mercantile Library’s Niehoff Lecture. It’s their annual fundraising event, and it’s glorious. The men wear tuxes or dark suits in fine cloth, the …

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Close up of bright red cranberries, cooking

Too Much Time

Sometimes help comes from friends. Sometimes it comes from books. This time it came from a book. Even with all the GOADS (Get Out And Do Stuff) work, with all …

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