Closeup of three bright pink peonies with two small green leaves peeking through

In the Shadow of His Mother

Let’s go back to the clinic, back to the Accutane study, back to that sixteen-year-old standing in his mother’s shadow. Let’s call him Keith. (I do not remember his real …

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Closeup of a quarter section of avocado, pitted and sliced

“The Worst I’ve Ever Seen”

To tell this story, I’m making up some names, using ‘Brenda’ for my boss’s pretend name, and ‘Doug Russo’ for the pretend name of a patient. It was a Tuesday …

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Reese Witherspoon on the cover of TIME magazine, featuring the 100 most influential companies

Tran1 or Tran2?

The interesting thing about working at a university in a staff role is that those roles, especially the ones lower on the totem pole, tend to be populated with people …

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