A More Expansive Question

Last month, a friend and I went to the Indiana Peony Festival in Noblesville, Indiana, about a 2-hour drive from Cincinnati.

I selfishly looked forward to the trip. Yes, because we’re good friends and I enjoy any time we’re together. But also because she is a visionary who elevates my thinking.

My friend is going through “a time of transition.” My mom would say, “She pulled her life out from under her.”

You know those times. They are scary and exciting, like standing on a damp and gritty diving board, toes curling over the edge, sun beating heat on our shoulders. The water sparkles, our heart pounds, and then—we dive!

My friend is considering what she wants to dive into and has the privilege of many options. She talked about the possibility of an Eat Pray Love adventure, going to three countries for three unique experiences.

For the ‘Eat’ experience, she mentioned something she had always wanted to do but had never done, then added, “that would be a dream come true.”

My skin pricked. I saw the light in her eyes, knew that yes, this would be a dream come true for her. It was fun to imagine her there, wearing the clothes it would require, using the tools, doing the thing. I think she will do it. I hope so.

Then I wondered. “Jule, what would be a dream come true for you?”

It’s such an expansive, explosive question. One I haven’t allowed myself. Yes, in 2024 I’ve focused on ‘Enjoy,’ but I set close the walls around what’s possible.

As my friend and I drove back from the festival (with gorgeous peonies in tow), we listened to The Tortured Poets Department and talked about the songwriting and business genius that is Taylor Swift. My friend said, “I think you’ve become a Swiftie. I think you need to go to an Eras Tour concert.”

Earlier this year I had thought about it, but dismissed it. “I’m too old.” “It’s too much money.” “I don’t have anyone to go with anyway.”

But thanks to the conversation with my friend, I’m going to the Eras Tour. Toronto. November.

It will be a dream come true.

Chewing the Cud of Good

Closeup of a thistle, almost ready to open, bright pink surrounded by green

Thankful for my many different friends.



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