Close up of a Greek salad, shiny with olive oil and colorful with red and orange peppers, white feta cheese, green cucumbers, dark green olives, and purple onions

“You’re HR. You don’t belong here.”

We’re back to winding down the series of things I’m proud of. With this one, I’m more proud of the other person than I am of myself, but I held …

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Close up of hydrangea blossoms, spotted pink

The Clothes On My Back

I left him with the clothes on my back, which unfortunately were casual shorts and a ratty t-shirt. Because of this, when I tried to get an apartment in the …

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Purple clover

Proud of an Argument

I am surprisingly proud of a fight I had with my first husband, the man in the purple suspenders. I disagreed with him and held my ground, didn’t cave. I’d …

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