Sweet Baby Lover

It’s Sunday, December 18th as I’m writing this. Today was a big day—the day I finished the refresh of Sweet Baby Lover, my memoir. There’s still much to do related to different print and ebook versions, but to use a term Trent would use, the “guts” are done.

I thought I was finished yesterday, but this morning I work up all excited with an idea about how to handle the interior title pages.

When that happens, when I awake with a percolating idea, I trap it. Most often I trap it in a small book on my nightstand, but this idea was bubbling hot, so I went straight to my computer, didn’t even stop to do my morning yoga. The mat is still spread out in my living room, waiting for me.

After I made changes to the title pages, I sat back and smiled. I love how they look, how they relate to the new cover, how the font gives a hint of foreboding.

I think I would have made a good book designer.

This whole thing started with creating the audiobook, which was a request from a friend back in 2014, which, because I wanted to be the one to narrate it, necessitated taking a podcasting workshop in 2019, which led to an additional delay as I prepared to emotionally go back to that time, and another delay as I realized I couldn’t just record the 2014 book, the verbiage needed some polish.

The biggest changes to the words relate to recommendations from the developmental editor. This was my first book, and I bowed to her expertise. She was right to cut 20,000 words, but some of her language recommendations I should have declined. They don’t sound like me.

The plan is to release the refreshed version in late February. There will once again be an ebook and a paperback, but there will also be an audiobook and a large print hardback, mainly for Betty, whose nickname is Betty Boop. Large print is all she can read anymore.

Betty Boop was one of twelve Bettys when my mom first moved into her retirement center six years ago, which is why they all have nicknames. Now there are only five Bettys. I was too late with the book for Leona. I hope I’m not too late for Betty.

Even though I loved the 2014 version of Sweet Baby Lover, something felt not quite right. Now I know what. It needed a different ending. But the new ending couldn’t be written until 2022.

Many (most?) of you have read Sweet Baby Lover, you know the story. But you don’t have the new last chapter, and you shouldn’t have to buy the book again to read it.

So, here is the newly hatched chapter 47 of Sweet Baby Lover, which includes the tail end of chapter 46 to pave the way. And in the spirit of the season, here is the pdf of the book’s new guts, so you have everything in one place. It’s just a pdf, not an ebook, but it’s everything. Share it, keep it, toss it. It’s yours to do with as you please.

We all have a story that matters. Thank you for being interested in this one. I appreciate it.

PS: I believe Trent helped me with this refresh, but I’m letting the idea settle, turning it over in my mind and feeling it, like a river-worn pebble in the palm of my hand.

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