The Money Grand Finale!

I feel like I’m supposed to come to some big conclusion after all this investigation into money themes. But I don’t have one.

Maybe the point was the process.

Maybe it would be more worthwhile to compare where I am now to where I was back in November, when this series on money began.

What’s different now?

  1. Other people are managing most of my investments, an advisory firm and a robo-advisor. This has turned out to be a surprising relief. I no longer worry about whether I need to learn about crypto or exit an investment. Whenever I get an email advertising investment advice, I say to myself, sometimes aloud, “not my job anymore.”
  2. Monthly, I track the performance of the advisory firm against the performance of the robo-advisor. It makes me feel less vulnerable. So far, their performance is running neck-and-neck. It is no longer my job to manage my investments. My job is to manage those who do.
  3. I finally know the correct birth order of my four aunts: Olenka, Natasha, Teresa, and Antonia. Side note: In real life, I never knew Teresa by that name. I knew her as the aunt who changed her name to Earth Tree and lived in Belize.
  4. The Power of Attorney that my mom had drawn up back in 2013 has come into play. My CPA did my mom’s taxes this year. When he asked if he should send the paperwork to Mom or to me, I said I’d talk with her about it.

Me: Mom, the CPA finished your taxes. Do you want him to send your forms to you or to me?

Mom: What do you think?

Me: I think we should have them come to me, so you don’t have the hassle.

Mom: Yes, I think that’s… yes.

Those are just words on a page, but as my mother and I spoke them, we both had a hitch in our voice. We knew what we were saying without saying it.

  1. I learned I can build something on my land in Kentucky and pay lower taxes than I’ve been paying.
  2. I still prefer to avoid the number six.
  3. I hadn’t noticed until I started making this list, but the bag lady has been quiet and she’s not as scary as she used to be. I’m not sure why, but I’m glad.

Chewing the Cud of Good

new bright green growth on an evergreen
Thankful for the ability to learn.



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