Month: January 2020

Boxes of the Something

Finding Our True Selves

There were two top vote-getters in our survey of possible topics for this blog. “Finding our true selves” was one of them and is where we’re going next. I used to believe that we have One True Self that we must find in order to live our best life. I used to believe that if …

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The Mercantile Library, Cincinnati OH, reading room

Ode to a Library

In 1835, forty-five young, white men wanted to better themselves. They were not professionals, they were clerks to professionals and merchants. The men knew they could improve themselves more quickly and to a greater degree if they did it together. Their solution was to found a library, the Young Men’s Mercantile Library Association. The original …

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Kindergarten class photo

Photo Critique

When an adult negatively critiques the portrait of a child in their care, it is never about the child, or what the child looks like in the photograph. It is always about the adult. As I write this, I am not thinking of what my mother said to me. Unfortunately, I am thinking of what …

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Jule Kucera, portrait, 2013


Even though I said this post would be about a library, there is something more on my mind: photographs. In particular: portraits, otherwise known as headshots. For most of my life, I have not liked to have my picture taken. This aversion might have started in second grade, when for the class picture I put …

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