Lamp with with 1970s Elvis as the base, in white with a red scarf

A Strange Thing

Recently I had a cranio-sacral massage because I never had one before and I’m always up for whatever I haven’t tried in the realm of massage therapy. The massage was incredibly relaxing in an odd way—it wasn’t so much that […]

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Posture, part two

It turns out that good posture is about much more than good health. A wonderful reader made me aware of Jordan B. Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life, specifically the first chapter where he explains via lobsters the crucial importance of

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lots of little heartrs

Hearts Are Free

They’re called “likes” but the icon looks like a heart so I call them “hearts.” Recently I wrapped up an online workshop that had a discussion board. It was possible to like/heart other people’s posts but I didn’t do it

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Do Over, Again

The other night I was lying in bed, listening to an audio course before falling asleep. It was Tara Brach’s Free Yourself From Blame & Resentment on InsightTimer.  I went through it for the first time last fall and have listened

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The Flipside

Last week’s post was about not seeing. This week’s is about the flipside: seeing but not changing.  It’s easy to do. Or rather, not do. I had been married for seven days. After the loneliest week of my life, I

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Leda sleeping on mom's carpet


Before we went to brunch, Mom and I waited in her living room for it to be time to leave, she on her petite sofa, me at her table by the sliding-glass door. She had washed her hair that morning

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