Interior of the Mercantile LIbrary with tall windows


I am no longer an employee of Fifth Third Bank. I am no longer employed anywhere. I have been earning money since I was 13, full-time since 24. The only break in being an employee was when I moved to […]

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Jule Kucera, Fifth Third 2018


I used to think that forgiving someone was an event. You forgive someone. They get a clean slate. One and done. I don’t believe that anymore. I have a deep and persistent fear of becoming a bag lady. As one

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Jule Kucera, Fifth Third 2018


I have been gifted with wonderful teachers. Some of them were bosses, some colleagues, some friends, some authors. One of them, a boss, once taught me about blindspots. This is the gist of what she said… “Jule, there are two

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So why did it take me thirty years to be able to say “the church I belonged to for a decade was a cult”? Did I really need to read the characteristics of cults in Vogl’s book? Was I honestly

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Dr. Heiden

My annual check up with Dr. Heiden has brought me back to Chicago. I’m also going to close my safety deposit box, the last remnant of my 30 years in Chicago. I love Dr. Heiden. I know from working in

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