Hello again

I paused the blog when I wasn’t sure why I was writing, or what to write about. The why and what haven’t become any clearer but I’m taking a new approach—I will write about what is on my mind and see if a why emerges.

First of all, thank you to Chris and to Claire who encouraged me to come back.

The hourglass. The spinning wheel. The loading bar that marches ever forward. These are on my mind. They are an insistent reminder, not nipping at my heels but an old man’s breath across the hairs on the back of my neck. A lifetime is finite.

I see my friends with kids and grandkids and believe that something of my friends will live on through the people they produced. But there is no one taking my genes or my Cranberry Salad for Cold Weather recipe into the future. So I will put my thoughts on this page. I want to leave a trace. This is my way to say I was here.

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