Reflection & Rest

This blog has been on my mind, feeling somewhat like all the gray and black clothes hanging in my closet–it doesn’t quite fit anymore.

It was begun as a place for me to process my grief over Trent’s passing (Cliff notes: I loved him and he loved me). It shifted as I pondered professional dress for the businesswoman (Cliff notes: Clothing should foster focus on the face and therefore, on the message rather than the messenger). I don’t know the purpose any more. This blog currently has no raison d’être. 

That fact, coupled with a desire for a different, more modern look, coupled with an anonymous letter, united to encourage me to give it a rest. For now. Old posts have come down. New ones, when I have a raison, will go up.

As part of the act of pulling up the covers to put this blog to bed, I want to pause and reflect: What have I learned since the launch in February, 2009?

  1. Love persists, even after death.
  2. I enjoy finding creative, simple, sustainable solutions to complex challenges.
  3. If I leave one place, I can make new friends in the new place.
  4. I am good at renovation. And reinvention.
  5. Even when it’s hard, life is good.
  6. I still don’t like the number 6.
  7. Why is more important than How which is more important than What.
  8. I write to explore the wild and noble territory of the human heart, and to leave behind a brave and honest map.

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