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Last fall, when a friend said, “I’m in love,” I was happy for her. Recently, another friend—let’s call her Ellen—told me that our friend and her new love have moved in together. The news made me happy. I am glad for this joy in my friend’s life. She raised two boys, mostly on her own, …

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Now that you have detected in the present in support of finding your True Self, it’s time to go back in time. Archeologists excavate artifacts and study them. We will do the same. To the extent that you are able, find things from your past that meant something to you. Sometimes, due to life circumstances, …

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Detective Work

In support of our goal of uncovering and discovering our True Selves, we’re starting a series of eight explorations that are intended to be enjoyable, not onerous. Treat them as if you were seeking a hidden treasure. You may want to grab a notepad or a tablet—a place for you to capture your findings so …

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Boxes of the Something

Finding Our True Selves

There were two top vote-getters in our survey of possible topics for this blog. “Finding our true selves” was one of them and is where we’re going next. I used to believe that we have One True Self that we must find in order to live our best life. I used to believe that if …

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