A Noteworthy Holiday

Today is the second Sunday of March, the date I proposed for a new holiday. Many of you liked the idea.

The holiday now has a name: “Noteworthy.”

Here’s how to celebrate:

  1. Gather your materials…
    1. Two candles
    2. Matches
    3. One small notecard
    4. One pen
    5. One stamp (if needed)
  2. Light the candles, one for you and one for the other person.
  3. Ask, “Who is someone I appreciate, but they are unaware of this?”
  4. Write a brief note of appreciation to that person.
  5. Feel appreciative—for the other person, for your life that allowed the two of you to meet, for this planet that gives us all a home.
  6. Blow out the candles.
  7. Mail your note. (If you don’t know the person’s address, send it to the place where you interact with them, e.g., if they work at your local Currito’s, send it there.)

Notes mean so much.

Here’s a note I got this past week, from Khrystyna, the illustrator of The Rocking House. I apologized for not meeting the deadline I set for myself to give her my comments. She replied:

Note from Khrystyna: everything should be fun and easy on the head

That’s all for now.

I need to go light a couple candles, write a note.


Chewing the Cud of Good

Extreme closeup of a yellow flower (a daffodil) on a green background, so close it is abstract.

Thankful for Roxie, who has changed so much that strangers no longer look at us warily and move to distance themselves. They smile.



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