2024 So Far, part 1

January is in the books.

About one week in, I realized I’d completely forgotten my word of the year: Enjoy.

I thought about writing it on an index card and taping it to my bathroom mirror, but after a few days I won’t even see it.

Instead, I picked up the dry bar of soap next to the sink and wrote ‘Enjoy’ on the mirror. Now when I look at myself, the word is on me. I always notice it.

The other thing I do now is say, “Hello, beautiful” to my reflection. There is no point to continued facial and neck examination for increased signs of aging. Since I have no plans for a facelift, I might as well appreciate what’s there.

My skin is healthy. That spot of basal cell on my cheek was excised at my insistence, no thanks to the plastic surgeon who later said, “It’s a good thing we took that off.” I can see and breathe and smell and hear. My eyelids open and close.

All is well.

Hello, beautiful.

Chewing the Cud of Good

Pastel pink and yellow abstract

Thankful for the ability to learn.

Pink clouds on a dusky sky



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