I have played

so small

for so long.

“Them,” I said, pointing,


under the bushel basket.

“Them, them!”

I will help them.

I will work hard for them.

I will stand, sit,

kneel behind them.


Not me.



Consider: This




is not humility

but arrogance,

saying to the Great Creator,

“You didn’t make

a good enough me.

Pick them.”

“Them” is hiding.

“Them” is safe but not,

trading possibility

for certainty,

even if that certainty

is less than

what could have been.


So change it up.


You don’t need to shout,

don’t need a megaphone.

Just one word.



“Soloist” Follow-up

It seems several people liked the term “soloist.” Yay!

Also, thanks to a note from my friend Katie, I have a new perspective on the word that I like even more. Before, when I thought of a soloist I visualized someone doing a free solo, scaling a cliff. But this is what Katie said,

“…I love the word Soloist!! Because often times a soloist IS accompanied by a full orchestra, your community of belonging.”

Thank you, Katie, for your perspective. I love that image!


Chewing the Cud of Good

Abstract closeup of white petal against a shimmery gray wall

Thankful for waking up with the air cool on my face and the rest of me all cozy warm under the covers.



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