“Stay The Way You Were”

We are so good at wanting things to stay the same. We don’t want our world or the people in it—near or far—to change.

For example…

When Taylor Swift released 1989, I muttered, “Stay in your lane.” When Reputation came out, I thought, “You’ve lost your way.” When Lover arrived, I said, “I was wrong.”

Artists grow. Try new things. At least the good ones do. Same is true of all of us.

When we try something new—a new way of dressing, a new way of behaving—there’s no need to be disappointed (or angry!) when people push back. When they verbally or non-verbally demand, “Go back to being who you were.” We should expect it.

A change, any change, even a positive change, is a threat to the status quo, a threat to status roles, a threat to well-being. A change in us is a threat to them.

That slithery slimy reptile that lives behind our ears says the same thing. “Go back to being who you were.” And adds, with a kick to the shins, “Who do you think you are?”

We are who we think we are.

As for me, my thoughts about myself have been less glorious than I deserve. You, too?

Let’s let it go.

I will let them be them. I will let me be me. In all our weird and wondrous glory.

Chewing the Cud of Good

Abstract blue paint with two upward curving lines

Thankful for seeing Orion in the night sky.



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