More Work, But Worth It

I know where I want to go next with these reflections, but I’m not ready to go there yet. My heart is still racing from the struggle and thrill of launching books.

This whole refresh of Sweet Baby Lover wasn’t supposed to happen. All I wanted to do was make an audiobook of the story. I wanted to do that only because back in 2014, a friend in California asked for the memoir in audio for her long commute.

It took me years to be ready to revisit the story, and then another year to learn how to record audio.

When I finally settled into the project, I realized the book description wasn’t quite right. Two writer buddies worked with me to overhaul it.

Then, when I tried to upload the new description to Amazon, an error message said the book cover didn’t meet Amazon’s print standards.

How does a book that’s been in print for eight years fail to meet standards?

Muttering, I reviewed Amazon’s standards and saw the problem. It didn’t take much scrutiny. The ISBN barcode on the back must be in black ink on a white background. My background was blue. The cover designer had taken an artistic license that was no longer permitted.

My plan was to reach out to the cover designer and ask her to slap a new white background under the barcode. But the designer and the original cover art could not be located.

Now, I needed a new cover.

Then, when I went into my podcloset to record the audiobook, some of the words felt wrong in my mouth. Adjustments were needed.

As I worked on those tweaks and got to the end, it wasn’t the right ending anymore. The book needed a new final chapter.

Then, I visited my mom and talked with her friend Betty, who is now also my friend, about the book. She said, “I want to read it but I need it in large print. Large print is easier for me now.”

Sometimes we start a project not knowing how big and how much work it’s going to take. Sometimes that’s a good thing, if knowing in advance would have stopped us from starting.

I’m glad I undertook this refresh of Sweet Baby Lover, and I’m glad I didn’t know what I was getting into.

In a little more than a week, Betty is going to get a package that holds a large print hardback book. And about a month after that, Betty and I will sit in Day Room 38 and talk about it.

Chewing the Cud of Good

Thankful for things that catch our attention.

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