Indecision with Stuff

There is too much undone stuff, not just the big stuff, like figuring out how to manage the physical distribution of Price Tarkten or recording the audio version of Sweet Baby Lover.

There is too much stuff in the bottom drawer of the dresser by the front door. It used to be an electronics drawer. Now it’s a junk + electronics drawer. It barely holds the cables and chargers, the stuff it’s supposed to hold.

Every time I open that drawer, I see indecision. Why are you keeping something you aren’t using? If you use it rarely, why haven’t you taken it to your storage closet in the basement? Why haven’t you thrown it away, or given it away, or put it away? Why are you allowing this mess to continue? Why are you cramming in the cable and shutting the drawer?

I’m better at building than maintaining. Heck, I built a podcloset and I’m dang proud of it. (It’s also been fabulous for audio recording—getting set up is so much quicker now.) But cleaning up after myself? Ick.

Following the refrain of last week, it would be good for me to stop seeing domestic activities as onerous tasks. It would be better to see them as acts of kindness toward myself.

Even cleaning out a junk drawer.

Chewing the Cud of Good

Thankful for the mystery of that little blue dot.



2 thoughts on “Indecision with Stuff”

  1. There is no mystery of the blue dot. The mystery is how you can take such good care of the orchid for it to reward you with its serene beauty.

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