Bias in Brass

Does Cincinnati have higher regard for its German or Irish immigrants?

Well, let’s check the signs. All you need to do is read the titles:

Ohio Historical Marker titled, "Cincinnati's German Heritage"
Ohio Historical Marker titled, "The Irish in Cincinnati"

You see—and maybe feel—the difference, yes?

But the really important sign is this one:

Ohio Historical Marker titled, 'The Black Brigade of Cincinnati'

This sign is lying, not a lie of commission but of omission.

To tell that story, I need to take a longer walk to a less populated part of the park. Leda can’t come with me on this one. She would have been able to a year ago but now, it’s too far. And yes, that makes me sad.

Election Results

Voting on the next topic was tied until Managing Transitions pulled ahead of A Good Start to the Day. So, we’ll start with Managing Transitions and then go to A Good Start. To all who voted, thank you!

Chewing the Cud of Good

Roasted vegetables in glass containers: cauliflower, carrots, red peppers and broccoli

Thankful for my beautiful body and all the things it does so well—it breathes, it digests, it circulates, it heals. It’s amazing.

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