Seeing the Good

If we live alone now, and we weren’t living alone before, then something happened to cause us to live alone.

It could have been a surprise, “I’m leaving.” Or, “He’s gone.” It could have been harmoniously planned, “This isn’t working.” It could have been acrimonious, which is best left unquoted.

Whatever happened, whether you made it happen or it happened to you, it created a fork in your road that put you on a different path.

It is good to consider the good things that happened thanks to that fork. It can help remind us that even though we are soloists, there is a lot of good in our lives.

When Trent fell and flew off the planet, these are some of the good things that happened, that wouldn’t have happened if he had stuck around:

  • I started a blog.
  • I got to renovate a condo in Park Ridge, Illinois, and I liked it.
  • I wrote a book.
  • I got to renovate a house in Morton Grove, Illinois, and I liked it.
  • Leda came to live with me.
  • I got to apply everything I learned from the previous renovations to renovate a condo in Cincinnati, Ohio, and I loved it.

(I love to renovate.)

  • I got a job at a bank that introduced me to a new industry, new people, new work, and a new city.
  • I got new friends in Cincinnati! Lots of them! Strong, bright, capable women with big hearts.
  • I got a second new job at the bank, in a new arena.
  • I got to leave the bank and do new things and make more new friends–in other states and other countries.
  • The second job at the bank set me up for a new part-time job at a university where I met students from Cincinnati, and the mid-west, and all over the world, and they expanded my world.

Chewing the Cud of Good

I am thankful for beauty in every season, and in every season of life.

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