348: 14.5, 34

May 14, 2016

May 2016 I am having second thoughts about the custom-made shirt. And I apologize in advance for all the dithering in my decsioning. This is how it is with me—I get an idea, then imagine it, then decide if it needs reworking. But once I figure it out, then—BAM!—I move. Actually, I have moved houses […]

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347: The Best Friends

May 7, 2016

7 May 2016 I have the best friends. Laurie encourages my writing. Sabine encourages my content. In response to last week’s post she sent an email, regarding fabric: “The finer (and higher quality) the fabric the better clothing looks and you feel so much better when wearing it.” Sabine is right. And as an aside, […]

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346: I Hate My Clothes

April 30, 2016

1 May 2016 I hate all my clothes. And I can hear my mother’s voice in my head, “Now you’re just being dramatic.” And of course she is right, which is one of the things that annoys daughters about their mothers. Correction: I dislike my work suits to the point that I no longer want […]

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345: Not Clothes, Life

April 16, 2016

16 April 2016 I don’t feel like writing about clothes today, not because I don’t feel like writing but because there is something much more on my heart. In comparison, clothing seems trivial. So I will do what I have always done when there is something more on my heart—write it out, get it down, […]

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