A close-up of Leda's fur, white and black

Loving Leda Loving Me

This seems like a good day to talk about love. Usually, when we speak of love, we’re talking about person-to-person love, but there is also person-to-animal love. The most unconditional love is the love dogs have for their humans. When I took Leda home from Greyhounds Only, she was damaged. Most of her tail had …

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Fall grasses in the sunlight

I am Kind

You?  Kind?  Seriously? Who are you kidding? These demeaning words come from the Inner Critic, the voluble, vociferous voice that goes wherever I do, the one who interrupts vulnerable moments. This ‘I am…’ exercise is not my invention. It comes from The Energy of Money, by Maria Nemeth. The exercise is called ‘Standards of Integrity,’ …

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Image of Bridges' Transition Model, showing Endings, Neutral Zone, New Beginnings, with overlap between the three phases

New Beginnings

And this is how this series on transitions ends, just as the transition from the Neutral Zone to New Beginnings ends, not with a bang but with a gradual sense of clarity. If the Neutral Zone is a swamp, you leave it as you leave a swamp. Not through the exit door, because there isn’t …

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Overhead view of fading hydrangea blooms in a brick planter

Keep vs. Cast Off

When you are coming through your transition, when you know where you want to go and are tangibly closer, when you feel you are almost near enough to touch it, you will realize some things about your things: There are things you need that you don’t have for this new version of your life. These …

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A line drawing of a circle with four arrows coming from it, in the four directions of the compass, with subheads: Spirit-Spiritually Aligned, Body-Physically Energized, Mind-Mentally Focused, Soul-Emotionally Connected

Your Compass

Last week I said, “If you know where you are and know where you want to go, if you have a map and a compass, you can effectively navigate the swamp.” Here’s the model I propose for a compass: Last week we focused on being wrong about where you think you are. But sometimes your …

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Google map showing part of the million-plus acres of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Navigating the Swamp

I’m struggling to write about how to navigate the swamp, because it’s such an intensely personal experience, much more so than YMMV.  What it feels like, how long it lasts, the questions that pester like mosquitos—all of it comes from within, not from without. If you know where you are and know where you want …

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