a bouquet of clover in a white mug

When You Rocked It

Twice in my career, when I felt lost, a mentor asked me to reflect on my work history and remember times when I was in the flow, in the zone, rocking it. Both of those women asked me to take four or five of those ‘rocking it and loving it’ experiences and describe them in …

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Chart showing number of coronavirus cases in New York declining, but increasing in the rest of the US

Unappreciated Strengths

We tend to take our strengths for granted. If something comes easily to us, we tend to think it comes easily to everyone, and if it comes easily to everyone, then it isn’t all that valuable. But it doesn’t come easily to everyone. It is valuable. You know what those strengths are for you. They’re …

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A small brown journal, with many pages and an old map of the world on the cover


I’ve felt as if I’ve been vacillating between writing about finding our True Selves and navigating the pandemic of the coronavirus. But I’ve changed my mind. Instead of seeing these as two separate things, I now see them as related. The coronavirus, although a challenge for lungs, benefits eyes. It’s helping us see. We are …

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Four marshmallows on an orange cloth

Marshmallow Life

Last Sunday something scary happened to me that hasn’t happened in a long time—I had the blue thought: “What’s the point of my life? Maybe I should just leave.” It’s a familiar thought from when I was a teenager, when it came almost every day for more than a year. The thought has revisited periodically …

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Wooden floor under construction

Structural Weakness

My house in Morton Grove, Illinois was built in 1954. It was a one-story ranch and I bought it from the estate of the original owners. The yellow kitchen was walled off from the living and dining rooms. I planned to renovate with that most common of renovations—reduce the interior kitchen walls and insert a …

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A drawing of three teenage girls with a sunken birthday cake

Change + Resources

This virus is changing us. We start our conversations with, “How are you?” and we mean it. We start our emails with, “I hope you are well,” and we mean it. We are being reminded of what matters and what is less important. Even though some are hoarding toilet paper, toilet paper is not important. …

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Map by John Snow showing cholera deaths in relation to public water sources

Correction + Protection

I’m not yet ready to go back to our theme of finding our True Selves. This post is a continuation of the last one,  there will be another one along these lines next Sunday, and then we’ll ‘return to our regularly scheduled programming already in progress.’ Correction After last week’s post, when I was falling …

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Wallstreet, 1929 market crash

Calm in the Waves

Because of things that are swirling—coronavirus and financial markets—I want to interrupt our series on finding our True Selves and go elsewhere. We learned in US history class that when the stock market crashed in 1929, some people killed themselves. We heard stories of stockbrokers jumping from office windows. My great-grandfather was one of those …

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