Your memoir is calling you.

You’ve got a story to tell, lessons learned, deep truths to share. But it’s not finished. Maybe your memoir is on scattered pages. Maybe you’ve got a rickety first draft. Or all you have is the dream. Wherever you are, Memoir Mastery can get you to a rock-solid story structure—based on the Storywheel—and the confidence that comes from knowing what you need to do to finish it.

Most people who want to write a memoir never do. Most who start never finish.

The reason many would-be memoirists never start is that they don’t know how to get all their great ideas onto the page.

Those memoirists who do get words out start with a burst of inspiration, but later, after writing 10,000 or 50,000 words, realize their story doesn’t work. No one, not even kids or grandkids, will want to read it.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Your Memoir Deserves Better!

What if, instead of reading craft books, attending webinars with 100+ other people, or winging it, you could have the exact support you need?

What if it wasn’t a one-and-done webinar, but a coaching program? And what if that coaching program is in a small group—three people!—so that you get to talk about your memoir every week?

Memoir Mastery is the coaching program I wish I’d had when I was writing my mine.

It takes everything I’ve learned from years of developing corporate training programs. It includes the deep study I’ve done to make sense of story structure. And it leverages human performance strategies so you can make confident progress.

It’s not a coaching program for novelists, because memoir writers have special challenges. Memoir Mastery takes those into account. It doesn’t cover line writing skills because before you write, you need to be crystal clear on the story you want to tell:  Where it starts. Where it ends. Why it matters. Memoir Mastery will bring you that clarity.

I know what makes a story work, I know what writers need to succeed, and after Memoir Mastery, you will too.

Solid story plan + Confident writer = Your memoir born into the world!

Real writers.

Real results.

Join us!

Memoir Mastery Learning Plan

READ ME FIRST: A Map For Your Journey
Class Calender
Prepare to Write
Week 1 Prework: Preparing My External World
Week 2 Prework: Preparing My Internal World
Week 3 Prework: Setting Intentions
Establish the Foundation
Getting Ready for Week 4
Week 4: Honoring Our Self
Getting Ready for Week 5
Week 5: Honoring Our Reader
Getting Ready for Week 6
Week 6: Honoring Our Story
Build Your Memoir with the Storywheel
Getting Ready for Week 7
Week 7: Sketching Our Story
Getting Ready for Week 8
Week 8: Quadrant 1, from the Status Quo to I Gotta Go!
Getting Ready for Week 9
Week 9: Quadrant 2, from the Upside Down World to the Context-Shifting Midpoint
Getting Ready for Week 10
Week 10: Quadrant 3, from Plan A: Change You to Return, Changed
Getting Ready for Week 11
Week 11: Quadrant 4, from Plan B: Change Me to Proof of Change
Moving Forward
Getting Ready for Week 12
Week 12: Moving Forward with Clarity and Confidence


Choose the payment plan that works best for you.

Memoir Mastery with The Storywheel, monthly

$250.00 / Month for 5 Months

Memoir Mastery with The Storywheel, one-time

One-Time Payment of $1125.00

* Registration opens August 1, 2024

But wait! I've got questions.

Check out the FAQ page for answers to:

Why group coaching?

When is it?

How are you qualified to lead this?

Is your question not here? Send an email to [email protected]. I’ll be happy to answer.

I built this for you.

Too many writing courses are confusing.

I believe in clarity and simplicity.

Too many writing courses squish “narrative nonfiction” with novel, overlooking the greatest struggles unique to memoirists.

I believe in honoring the unique challenges of memoir.

Too many writing courses spend too little time on your own writing.

I believe we learn best when we work together on the stories of our hearts.


I’d love for you to join us.


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