Hard Times & Hope Podcast

Elisa with her grown son--who is about a foot and a half taller than she is!

Elisa: a premonition and two dreams about a son’s illness

Hard Times & Hope podcast, episode 15. When Elisa’s son was four years old, she had an intuition that he would have a blood disorder. This led to the first …

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Close up of a small, spent plant standing in swamp water

Andrea: A burst pipe, lead paint, and the power of community

Hard Times & Hope podcast, episode 14. Andrea, her husband, and their two young children traveled to see family over the December holidays. But a feeling that something wasn’t quite …

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Crescent moon on a cornflower blue sky

Stacy: Booties Never Worn

Hard Times & Hope podcast, episode 13. When Stacy was 21, she was excited to learn she was pregnant. At four months, she learned she was having a girl. But …

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