Bethan's open sketchbook showing leaves, rocks and plants, some black and white and some with color

Bethan: Finding wonder, joy, and healing in nature

Hard Times & Hope podcast, episode 8 Bethan: Finding Wonder, Joy, and Healing in Nature Bethan had an illness that shrunk her world—on good days, to her home. On bad …

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Architect's rendering of a redeveloped neighborhood with a safe sidewalk

Kevin: When a community is having a hard time

Hard Times & Hope podcast, episode 7 Episode Summary This episode with Kevin Wright is an experiment. I wanted to see if there are commonalities between people and places in …

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Dave 'Spud' Slater, checking his watch

Rob: A boy must quickly become a man

Hard Times & Hope podcast, episode 6 Episode Summary When Rob was 14, his father was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given two weeks to live. The hospital was …

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