Hard Times & Hope Podcast

Close up of the silver grey curled leaves of the dusty miller plant

Interlude: Jule Q&A

Hard Times & Hope podcast, episode 21 In this episode, instead of an interview with someone about a hard time, I answer questions people have asked over the last nine …

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Clusters of tiny white flowers on a bright green background

Nadine: Becoming the doctor she always dreamed of being

Hard Times & Hope podcast, episode 20 Nadine Kelly pursued the path of high achievement, excelling in school, medical school, and pathology residency, followed by additional study to become a …

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A purple coneflower just before blooming

Robyn: It wasn’t her fault but it shaped her self-perception anyway

Hard Times & Hope podcast, episode 19. When Robyn Rose was ten or twelve years old, through no fault of her own, something happened that shouldn’t have. At that age, …

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