Year: 2022

Aftab Pureval interviewing Aaron Sorkin for the Niehoff Lecture at the Hyatt Hotel

Lessons From Aaron Sorkin

Last Saturday night I went to the Mercantile Library’s Niehoff Lecture. It’s their annual fundraising event, and it’s glorious. The men wear tuxes or dark suits in fine cloth, the women and the non-binary wear sparkles. The pre-lecture chatter on the second-floor atrium of the Hyatt Hotel is deafening. Previous Niehoff speakers I’ve heard include …

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Close up of bright red cranberries, cooking

Too Much Time

Sometimes help comes from friends. Sometimes it comes from books. This time it came from a book. Even with all the GOADS (Get Out And Do Stuff) work, with all the dancing and pickleball, I felt myself sliding backwards toward the miasma of lethargy and despondency. The book that helped? Happier Hour, by Cassie Holmes. …

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Black converse sneakers with white laces and toes on a train, the floor black and speckled with white.

Self On The Dance Floor

Three weeks ago Saturday, I finally went back to the African dance class. Summer camp was in session, so the class was me and four eight-year-olds. They had so much energy. In the pause between dances, while I caught my breath, they did cartwheels. In the second dance, the one about planting seeds, the one …

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A field with tall yellow goldenrod and a few scattered trees

Cabin Exploration

After writing about the container cabin, I was energized. Based on the emails some of you sent, you were, too. Even now, as I write this, thinking about the long cabin gets me excited. “What now?” “If I proceeded as if I was going to build the kind of cabin I’d like in Kentucky, what …

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green leaves backlit by sun, so close up it is abstract

I Believe

A few weeks ago, I was in a webinar with Jane Friedman and Dan Blank related to book marketing. Blank said that when someone asks you what your book is about, don’t launch into a description of the plot or characters. Instead, talk about what it’s About. When we write, we write from our beliefs, …

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