Year: 2021

Bearaby blanket

Looks Like a Good Life

Is there anyone you look at and think, ‘it looks like they have a pretty good life’? It’s not envy exactly. More like an appreciative curiosity. The famous person that fits this for me is Cate Blanchett. The non-famous one is Donna Adler. Donna was a year ahead of me in dental hygiene school. She …

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Close up of hydrangea blossoms, spotted pink

The Clothes On My Back

I left him with the clothes on my back, which unfortunately were casual shorts and a ratty t-shirt. Because of this, when I tried to get an apartment in the renovated piano factory with thick brick walls and twelve-foot ceilings, the apartment manager wouldn’t show me one, suggested I look elsewhere. My lungs deflated even …

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Purple clover

Proud of an Argument

I am surprisingly proud of a fight I had with my first husband, the man in the purple suspenders. I disagreed with him and held my ground, didn’t cave. I’d never done that before. Six or so years into our marriage, things weren’t going well and we both knew it. His suggestion was for us …

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close up of purple leaves on a bush, backlit by sunlight, making some of the leaves bright read

Base Salary

Writing about my $26,000 salary triggered a memory. Or maybe I’m still not over it. At Andersen, we sat in cubicles, in pairs. It was an odd arrangement because it put two people in one cube. Yes, we had our own desks and file drawers, but there was no privacy. One day, ‘Jason,’ my cubemate, …

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Two yellow pansies with raindrops

No Regrets

I left Minnesota and the financial aid office behind when I accepted an internship, followed by a full-time position at Arthur Andersen in Chicagoland. The job was a prize. Yes, because it was a plum position for an instructional design graduate but also, because my salary more than doubled, from $12,500 to $26,000. But. But …

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