Month: December 2021

Two Days Before Thanksgiving

Audio: Two Days Before Thanksgiving When I first heard this story from my father, the news came during the Thanksgiving meal. But according to his grandfather’s journal, the news came two days before, on Tuesday. My great-grandfather was Emil (pronounced EM-ee-ill) Folda. At this Thanksgiving, he was 52 years old, married to his second wife …

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Red and white berries on a green plant against a gray stone wall

The Sins of the Parents

Audio: The Sins of the Parents Back when I was in the fundamentalist Christian church, I read the Bible a lot. It was a status symbol to have a bible showing signs of wear from heavy reading. Covers that fell off were replaced with a slab of thick leather. Center pages darker than the rest …

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Plaque in the park regarding 'the Indian threat'

The ‘Indian Threat’?

Audio: The ‘Indian Threat’? Because Thanksgiving was last week, and because my Diversity & Inclusion class is coming to a close, there is something on my mind. Thanksgiving? Or Takesgiving? It depends on your perspective. It depends on the story you tell yourself. If you tell yourself that Manifest Destiny is your divine right, that …

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