Month: February 2021

Black shee with eyes that look like brown buttons, standing in falling snow

I am All These Things

“I am all these things so that I can fulfill my divine life intentions: To be a creative maker, A good friend and partner, With an abundance of health and wealth in all its forms…” I believe we come to this planet for a reason, that we have some sort of intention before we show …

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Closeup of a bed pillow

I am Gritty

As I’ve been doing these posts on my morning meditations, I’ve made some changes. Changing ‘persevering’ to ‘gritty’ was one of them. Before ‘persevering’ the word was ‘persistent,’ but that one felt incomplete, as if I was rolling a rock uphill. I wasn’t all that happy with ‘persevering’ either, because it felt like walking through …

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