Month: December 2019

roasted onions

Wrong Assumptions

Sometimes I come to wrong conclusions because I have made wrong assumptions. I have done the equivalent of assuming the world is flat and therefore have been careful not to sail my boat off the edge of the earth. The wrong assumption I have made about couples is that they are happy. Some are. Some …

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clouds in the sky

Vulnerable Times

Still in the vein of living alone but with a thought that applies to us all: be aware of your vulnerable times. When I was freshly grieving Trent, I discovered that the sadness came in the spaces in between. Not during the meeting, but during the walk down the corridor afterward. Not during the conference …

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moon as a streak in a photo


In hindsight, I should have known that I wasn’t going to be able to host Thanksgiving. If I put myself in the shoes of my invitees, would I really want to eat Thanksgiving dinner with somebody I didn’t know? Probably not. There are things that are difficult for me to do as a soloist and …

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oil making a smiley face in a frying pan

Plan C

This year, I wanted to be home for Thanksgiving. I love my remodeled kitchen and I wanted to cook in it. I wanted to play host. I asked another soloist in the building what she thought of a communal Thanksgiving dinner. She thought it was a great idea, since she typically goes to the grocery …

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Seeing the Good

If we live alone now, and we weren’t living alone before, then something happened to cause us to live alone. It could have been a surprise, “I’m leaving.” Or, “He’s gone.” It could have been harmoniously planned, “This isn’t working.” It could have been acrimonious, which is best left unquoted. Whatever happened, whether you made …

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