Month: September 2019

The Number 6

When I was thirteen I stopped using the number 6, or at least avoided it as much as possible. At the time, if you had asked me why, I would have said it was a slippery number, untrustworthy, and if you had three of them you had the Mark of the Beast—whatever that was. Now …

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French toothpaste box

Three Travel Tips

Before this most recent trip to Munich and Paris, I hadn’t travelled internationally in a few years. After having been to places like Budapest and Bangkok, Sydney and Santiago, I was out of practice. To get back in gear, I reviewed travel sites for advice. There are three things I never saw mentioned and I …

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In fiction, there is the concept of the unreliable narrator—the person telling the story cannot be trusted. Gone Girl is an outstanding example of an unreliable narrator. Completely untrustworthy. Our own memories are the same. We think we remember what happened and then we act on those erroneous beliefs. We don’t remember what happened, we …

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Miscellaneous Advice

This is a list of random advice I made for myself: Chew the stick of gum before it goes stale and hard. Or throw it away. But don’t keep it hanging around, getting old. Don’t lick anything metal when you’re outside and it’s below freezing. Let your heart get broken (it will mend, stronger). Eat …

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Remembering Good

In college, when I was working on my master’s, I worked during the day and went to school at night. I still remember my annual salary because I had to watch over it so carefully: $10,500. In today’s dollars, that’s $23,421. It’s a good thing I shared the rent for the tiny, garden level (AKA …

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