350: Inside Out

5 June 2016

On the wall of my office that has the flipcharts covered with yellow post-its with topics for this blog, there is one post-it that says, ‘Dressing from the inside out.’ I had planned to write about posture and how we project who we are through how we stand. The ideal posture is head up and level, shoulders back and down, and erect as if you had a string coming out the very top of your head and a giant puppeteer was gently tugging on the string, pulling you upright.

This is true but insufficient. It is a mechanical approach, which is useful but incomplete. A psychological approach is also necessary.

A week or two ago I was cleaning out my files and came across a sketch of a long jacket and slim pants, similar to one I had drawn recently. This one was drawn long enough ago for the paper to have yellowed. But this wasn’t the first sketch of this outfit. The very first was drawn as part of a larger sketch to represent different dimensions of my life, as I tried to map out what was important to me. At the time I was married to the man in the purple suspenders, so that means I first drew this outfit around 20 years ago.

What this tells me is that I have had a vision for a long time of the type of outfit I want to wear for my own professional dress. And thankfully this outfit is aligned with the rules of two things on top and focus on the face. (Equal power will depend on the cloth it is made from and how it is made.) However, even though I have held this vision in my head, I have not created it in my reality. The problem is not that I don’t know what I want or can’t afford what I want, but that I haven’t been able to see myself differently than I have been.

To be fair, stores are not brimming with clothing that resembles my sketch. But there are items that are closer to what I have drawn than anything I have purchased for myself. It’s time to turn those sketches into reality. It’s past time.

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now. Same goes for this outfit. Not this fall. Not in ten pounds.


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