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May 2016

I am having second thoughts about the custom-made shirt. And I apologize in advance for all the dithering in my decsioning. This is how it is with me—I get an idea, then imagine it, then decide if it needs reworking. But once I figure it out, then—BAM!—I move.

Actually, I have moved houses with less thought than I am giving to the shirt for my professional headshot. But that was because the decision to move (for example, to sell the house in Newaygo) was apparent. In the words of Jack Welch, “Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be.” The reality of moving out of Newaygo was clear—I had been living on 20 acres in the woods to be with a man that I was madly in love with who was madly in love with me but he was no longer on the planet. In comparison, the decision about the shirt is more nuanced.

The reason I changed my mind is ROI. I am buying this shirt for a photograph, and maybe for public speaking, which I do rarely. And it must be white. And my history with white clothing is abysmal. I don’t mean to be messy, but I am. This vexed my mother when I was a child but I wanted to walk in the big field (burs in my pants) and ride my bike (grease on my pant leg) and eat spaghetti enjoyably rather than painstakingly (sauce on my shirt). I fear that I will wear this shirt for the photograph and then stain it when I wear it again. In terms of cost per wearing, it’s high. So that plunged me back into the great expanse of the internet and… I found one!

It is a white shirt with a high collar that has a planned high v-neckline (rather than a few buttons unbuttoned) and it seems that it would be perfect. It is available through Nordstrom. The Nordstrom website has a very cool new feature called Perfect-Fit where you plug in your measurements and it tells you how well a particular item would fit you.

Clicking on the shirt, I scrolled to select the size and Perfect-Fit told me that I needed one size larger.


So I clicked on Fit Details and it told me that the size I selected would fit perfectly in the body but would be too short for my arms. As a solution, it recommended the next size up, which would be baggy in the body but the sleeve length, while shorter than ideal, would at least be within range.

This is not a choice that men have to make.

I did not order the shirt. I am wondering if I should just buy the short-sleeved version in the size that fits me because it will look correct in the photo but I don’t want a short-sleeved shirt because I want my shirt cuff to show at the bottom of my jacket sleeve, I want to feel fully clothed, I want to feel protected.

I don’t want to feel like a business woman at my neck and a waitress at my upper arm. I don’t want a baggy shirt with sleeves that are even then, too short. This is not a choice that men have to make.

I want a long-sleeved shirt that fits me.

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