Riding: Now that I’m fully living in one city, I get to do things I haven’t done in a long time. On June 11th, I’ll be riding my bike to support research at the Barrett Cancer Center in Cincinnati. I figure if I can ride for Barrett, maybe some Cincinnati transplant can ride for Rush back in Chicago.

My bike is currently in the shop, getting greased up and ready to go. I’m hoping the same can be said for me. If you’d like to sponsor me, head on over to my Ride Cincinnati page.

Walking: In October, I’ll be walking in the dark, but carrying a lantern, for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Light the Night walk. (I’ve heard it’s a moving experience.) No, I didn’t have lymphoma or leukemia but one of my best friend’s grandson did and he’s all better now and has been for almost 20 years. Also, because blood cancers can be studied outside the body, the research they do benefits lots of other types of cancers.

It’s a good cause and you can go to my Light the Night page to sponsor me. (If only I could figure out how to edit that page…..)

Writing: Because I got an email about it exactly two weeks ago and because I am still thinking about it, I have decided to go to the Haven 2 writing retreat in October. I went to Haven 1 last year and had a wonderful time–the end result was that I walked away from it seeing myself as a writer (!). Julie and Nancy were in my Haven 1 class and when I saw them in this video, at Haven 2, I was so happy for them which was quickly followed by, “I want to do that!” So I am.

PS: If you watch the video, you can see a brief shot of the group I was with, at 3:28. And it really did look as nice and feel as nice in person as it does in the video.


31 March 2017

When I thought it was temporary, in that limbo between a radioactive pill taking it all away and my own amazing body bringing it all back, I thought having spare hair was fun. I never called it “a wig.” That is what my mother wore in the 70s, when she didn’t feel like streaking her hair anymore and thought that permanently streaked, non-growing hair was the solution. She didn’t even make it a month.

I made it for two years. At first it was fun, having more hair than I’ve ever had, and cute hair. I could toss it. It could fall into my eyes. It moved! As Trent used to say, “It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.” And I got hurt. First by the spare hair device itself, elastic cutting into my scalp, especially that part behind my ears, digging a groove that I would sink my fingers into at night, trying to rub in blood and feeling. It was fine in the morning, okay at noon, uncomfortable by four, and by eight I wanted to rip the damn thing off. That was on the outside. On the inside, I felt like a plastic rabbit. I wasn’t being real.

When I went to Florida in January of 2017, to visit two of my most wonderful friends, the second thing I said to them was, “I don’t want to wear this thing anymore.” Ginger, ever honest, said, “It’s about time.”

Back in January of 2015, there had been a conversation with someone whose opinion I valued:

Me: I’m going to have to take a pill and it’s probably going to make all my hair fall out.

Other: But it might not. You don’t know that.

Me: Actually, the doctor is very certain that it will, because of the dose they’re giving me.

Other: You’re going to get a wig, right?

And I quickly said yes because even though I hadn’t been sure of what I would do I was suddenly sure. And all that was fine–and even fun for awhile–until it wasn’t any more. My original plan had been to wear spare hair until my real hair came back. But only about half of it decided to make the return trip.

I knew my friends would support whatever I did but I wasn’t sure about work. Because I was in the middle of a transition between jobs I asked both of my bosses. The former boss said, “I want you to be your authentic self” and the new boss said “Amen.” So I took off the spare hair, rubbed my hands over what was left, went to a barber shop for a buzz cut with a #2 blade, and called it good.

I like the way I look. It’s different than the way most women look but it works for me.



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